Broodstock Capital is a pure play seafood investor focusing on small and medium sized companies

July 5, 2021

Venturefondet Momentum går sammen med en rekke profilerte partnere inn i slambehandlingsselskapet Blue Ocean Technology.

June 14, 2021

Calanus får styrket vekstkraft og kompetanse når Broodstock Capital går inn som ny investor i selskapet.

March 4, 2021

Ferd satser videre på sjømat og kjøper seg opp til 93,6 prosents eierandel i sjømatinvestoren Broodstock Capital. Samtidig går Yngve Myhre inn som styreleder.

September 21, 2020

Sjømatinvestor Broodstock Capital styrker investeringsteamet med den erfarne investeringsrådgiveren og porteføljeforvalteren Pål Kristian Moe.

May 22, 2020

We are hiring Investment Director and Investment Manager

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About us

Broodstock Capital is focused on Nordic based small and medium sized businesses in the seafood industry in general and the aquaculture supplier industry in particular. We target growth companies with a proven track record and a strong management team with the ability to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on a growing market.

Broodstock Capital is an active owner that contributes with capital, network, experience and financial- and strategic expertise to support companies in strengthening competitive positions and profitability. We strongly believe in aligned incentives between management and the Board/owners, and encourage key stakeholders to retain large minority ownership stakes in our portfolio companies. The Broodstock team will always invest personal funds in each portfolio company.


Our team

Broodstock Capital’s team has diversified and balanced experience from private equity, consulting and investment banking and a network of key industry advisors with significant top executive management experience.

Jan Erik Løvik

Managing partner
+47 90 60 19 93
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Håkon Aglen Fredriksen

+47 90 13 01 85
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Pål Kristian Moe

+47 900 45 618
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Martin Stræte Resell

Investment Professional
958 44 943
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Roar Øverås

Investment Manager
+47 41 56 32 45
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Yngve Myhre

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Per-Arnfinn Brekke

Industry advisor
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Kjell Bjordal

Industry advisor
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